FaZe Rug teaches Brawadis how to play AMONG US... **999 IQ**

7-Okt, 2020
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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

  • At 2.09 Brandon looked like he was actually flying a space ship shooting some asteroids in the way he was literally leaned back and everything

    KiwiKiwi2 kun oldin
  • That's cool that u got away with that I just think because your learning

    Henry henryHenry henry2 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Denise MezaDenise Meza3 kun oldin
  • Their reaction when they won lol😂

    Amber SchamberAmber Schamber4 kun oldin
  • I like your cut g

    paulette sharpepaulette sharpe5 kun oldin
    • 😏

      paulette sharpepaulette sharpe5 kun oldin
  • Brandon is so lost 😂😂😂😂

    Mimi_besitos_okc 405Mimi_besitos_okc 4056 kun oldin
  • That's a stupid thing to say you make out with my brother everyday and very uncomfortable

    Ayu Daud 300Ayu Daud 3007 kun oldin
  • More plz 😂😂😂😂

    Raymond EspinosaJrRaymond EspinosaJr8 kun oldin
  • Faze Rug and Brawadis: No way Marko finished that task that task is visual Me and Marko:I see asteroids coming out wth u talking about Ps: No hate to Brawadis and Faze Rug just pointing out a verbal mistake

    Rebecca MaliakalRebecca Maliakal8 kun oldin
  • The way Brandon was playing among us was the same way I played

    It's Ella NovakIt's Ella Novak8 kun oldin
  • I was over here trying to play😂

    Bryana VallezBryana Vallez8 kun oldin
  • When the oxygen was like 3 seconds left I was literally panicking

    Your perfect just the way you are - kimYour perfect just the way you are - kim8 kun oldin
  • This is how many people like inposter

    Floriberta GarciaFloriberta Garcia9 kun oldin
  • I thought baelyn was over

    Elijah MoraElijah Mora10 kun oldin
  • i wont stop commenting until nour herself replies, i have had the biggest crush on her for so long and i would be happy of she repleys🥺

    Retro ChanRetro Chan11 kun oldin
  • he was so high lol

    Bryce NewsomeBryce Newsome11 kun oldin
  • 1:12

    Christian AscherinChristian Ascherin12 kun oldin
  • Brandon is the best

  • Brawadis is the best

  • Bawadis the best

  • Bra wadis is the best

  • I haven’t been imposter in 2 days in a row once

    Juancarlos CervantesJuancarlos Cervantes13 kun oldin
  • Cleary red was doing a task

    Jesus DuranJesus Duran14 kun oldin
  • Rug: there no way he completed asteroids that fast Me: it literally showed the animation u noob

    Johnny GreenwoodJohnny Greenwood14 kun oldin
  • 3:29

    luna cruzluna cruz15 kun oldin
  • Only OG’s remember when rug teached brawadis Fortnite like in season 3 or 4.

    Jennifer WaltersJennifer Walters17 kun oldin
  • Lol

    CycloCyclo18 kun oldin
  • Good 5mil I am a fan

    JMarquez5586JMarquez558619 kun oldin
  • 11+

    TTLfirey927 on YTTTLfirey927 on YT20 kun oldin
  • Why has he lost subs

    Cd Cool nesCd Cool nes21 kun oldin
  • The asteroid task is visual u can see the guns shoot

    pablo Martinezpablo Martinez21 kun oldin
  • Your video titles are so bad

    Satkaran MinhasSatkaran Minhas21 kun oldin
  • Lol

    KronoICEKronoICE22 kun oldin
  • when the game volume is louder than them 😂.

    MikeyyMikeyy22 kun oldin
  • I thaugh brawadis know how to play haha lol

    Wan AmniWan Amni22 kun oldin
  • lol when you’re doing the weapons task, you can see them doing it on the side. the little shots shoot out from the side

    Lizette GarciaLizette Garcia22 kun oldin
  • Did they not see the guns shooting when marko shot the guns

    Milo BurtonMilo Burton23 kun oldin
  • Brandon: 999 IQ!!! Also Brandon: *kills Marko* stays there laughing

    NuclearBlizZ ѮNuclearBlizZ Ѯ23 kun oldin
  • He did

    shamak gosaishamak gosai23 kun oldin
  • Brandon just spilled the juice saying Rugs dating Kaelen

    LOVE cary010LOVE cary01024 kun oldin
  • This game looks so so fun 🤩

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton25 kun oldin
  • IS Marko real marko artist

    Aiza MAiza M25 kun oldin
  • Hey faze rug you need to a fan videoAmong us so your fan could play with you ps love your videos

    Joanna RoneyJoanna Roney25 kun oldin
  • This is funny because it is for brawadis channel but camera box says faze rug

    Nikassh_ Benny productionsNikassh_ Benny productions25 kun oldin
  • I want the controller

    L1L 4didasL1L 4didas26 kun oldin
  • Yo brawadis

    Cristian ArriagaCristian Arriaga26 kun oldin
  • 10 year olds and younger play among us lmao brandon bring the basketball vids man no one likes this childish gaming thing

    Angel FuentesAngel Fuentes26 kun oldin
  • Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hypo 1hypo 127 kun oldin
  • You can press on the map and you will find all the tasks instead of searching for them. It is marked with yellow circles.

    Mohand MohamedMohand Mohamed27 kun oldin
  • Btw 5:20 faze rug said he faked astronauts but he is a crewmate because the guns were moving

    GeorgeGeorge28 kun oldin
  • Subscribe guys what are you doing here

    saif ullahsaif ullah29 kun oldin
  • Great video!🤗🏀💜

    Christina ProticChristina Protic29 kun oldin
  • I am on my name what’s your name

    Kayleigh FayKayleigh FayOy oldin
  • Do a part 2 of playing among us

    Al Dhaheri16Al Dhaheri16Oy oldin
  • Being the imposter is fun 😂😂

    M.S.J.J GM.S.J.J GOy oldin
  • “First time in my life” me: “first time in my life YEAH RIGHT BUD”

    Aziz PutrisAziz PutrisOy oldin
  • “Wait Brian my mom raised us differently” 😂😂

    Valeria JmzValeria JmzOy oldin
    • I was looking for this comment

      Angel Adame YeeT_PremiumAngel Adame YeeT_Premium27 kun oldin
  • Does Brawadis even play NBA2k

    Cindy HannaCindy HannaOy oldin
  • Rug and Brawadis: He faked asteroids Me: Asteroids I’d a visual task!!! Lmaooo

    Chloe Dillabaugh élèveChloe Dillabaugh élèveOy oldin
  • Teaches how to play?? This isn’t rocket science

    Mother _ducker112Mother _ducker112Oy oldin
  • go suns and rockets

    Daniel VargasDaniel VargasOy oldin
  • hi im kiree and im on and comper

    Tamara BenTamara BenOy oldin
  • The fact they didn’t see Brandon kill the second time lmfaooooooo😂😭😭😭

    Leslie FloresLeslie FloresOy oldin
  • I’ve been recently getting into among us and oh IM LOVINNN THIS VIDSS. I love how involved everyone is with each other , and how they truly luv each other . LUV YALL GOD BLESS YALL SM HOPE ALL UR GOALS AND DREAMS COME TRUEEE😍😍😍😘😘😜😜😘🥰🥺🥺😘🥰

    Fatima PerezFatima PerezOy oldin
  • Rug teaching Brawadis how to play is like me teaching my grandparents technology

    Vedant GuptaVedant GuptaOy oldin
  • red sus

    Fishy On meFishy On meOy oldin
  • I thought among us was a movie too 😭

    Samantha LeuraSamantha LeuraOy oldin
  • YAY SHERMAN! Is here!!

    Jamie BellaJamie BellaOy oldin
  • We need more of these 🤣

    Flamin goFlamin goOy oldin
  • 2:06 😂😂

    sweet rosesweet roseOy oldin
  • Honestly after this one and the other video junior is like annoying and he’s really cocky and I just hate how he is he thinks he could do anything

    Emiliano ArellanoEmiliano ArellanoOy oldin
  • Bing

    GG_BloodhoundGG_BloodhoundOy oldin
  • how does this make any sense didn’t they play among us in real life with brawadis

    lil Potatolil PotatoOy oldin
  • wow I love it

    camsdakillercamsdakillerOy oldin
  • It’s so cute seeing Brian and Brandon together ❤️ Love this family!!!

    DeepaDeepaOy oldin
  • **999 iQ**

    Kimberly EspinozaKimberly EspinozaOy oldin
  • That killed me when Brandon killed kaelyn in front of everyone 😭😭

    Britney ZaragozaBritney ZaragozaOy oldin

    EclipseEclipseOy oldin
  • Omg you got 1 mil views lol

    Sophia CormierSophia CormierOy oldin
  • Can you plz do a challenge which is called don't drop your phone the bridge thing

    Leslie FernandezLeslie FernandezOy oldin
  • I can't rilly here you guys because of the noys

    Payton RumblePayton RumbleOy oldin
  • Your copying faze rug and he is so much better than you

    Manuel EspitiaManuel EspitiaOy oldin
  • Me watching the guns shooting at the asteroid task rug not realishing at all

    Mist DropsMist DropsOy oldin
  • Make a gaming channel

    Angela JohnsonAngela JohnsonOy oldin
  • Brawadis secend brother is devid booker

    Sumeya HassanSumeya HassanOy oldin
  • Dang brawgayest over here only doing it for the views not for us, i don’t need to see this. Now it’s not worth my valuable time.

    Quando CollaQuando CollaOy oldin
  • "am I muted, am I muted?" XD

    candy applecandy appleOy oldin
  • Brian: he didn’t finish the the astriod task Brandon: yeah he didnt do the astro world

    ItzJayAgainItzJayAgainOy oldin
  • Brawadis I’m sorry if I spelled your name wrong you should play on your phone it is better than keyboard

    Larry ReedLarry ReedOy oldin
  • lol it’s funny to see them think he didn’t do the asteroid task, someone should teach him tips like visual tasks and proper settings

    cxxjcxxjOy oldin
  • I don’t think rug knows how either ngl

    Chris MorrisChris MorrisOy oldin
  • What kind of NASA quality

    SamSamOy oldin

    xd_ lasterxd_ lasterOy oldin
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH “am I on mute?????”

    Sonia GonzalezSonia GonzalezOy oldin
  • turn to God

    Yadira ArnoldYadira ArnoldOy oldin
  • More among us plz

    Hayden SiffHayden SiffOy oldin
  • acdc

    Christina WilsonChristina WilsonOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂 Anthony vented

    Brandi BooBrandi BooOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was kaelyn

    Brandi BooBrandi BooOy oldin
  • I love this game 🤣🥰🙌🏼

    Brandi BooBrandi BooOy oldin