I cheated on him for the first time...

26-Iyl, 2020
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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

  • Who is here after Jackie's drama with brawadis ?

    Hamdun SaeedHamdun Saeed2 soat oldin
  • How was this related to title

    Aryan ShahmohammadiAryan ShahmohammadiKun oldin
  • How about 1 year without a haircut

    The Lizzie family !!!The Lizzie family !!!Oy oldin
  • Who's here after Jackie return to the streets

    Aus GrowsAus Grows2 oy oldin
  • Let’s go suns Brandon I love you ❤️💕🏀

    Jeana IorioJeana Iorio2 oy oldin
  • She’s making me MAD NOW😡

    ꧁ONLIFEALERT꧂ Aka trippezzz꧁ONLIFEALERT꧂ Aka trippezzz2 oy oldin
  • when she actually cheated 😥

    Jessica EspinoJessica Espino2 oy oldin
  • Jackie belongs to the streets

    wannabe_hotboi_s13wannabe_hotboi_s132 oy oldin
  • Sida

    Jason MartinezJason Martinez2 oy oldin
  • Love from India🇮🇳

    Aanya ChopraAanya Chopra2 oy oldin
  • At least some indian things are appreciated

    Unbound VictorerUnbound Victorer3 oy oldin
  • Why don’t you have your mates in it any more

    Sarita ForresterSarita Forrester3 oy oldin
  • 😅👍👏

    Ziona ZzionZiona Zzion3 oy oldin
  • IM DYINGGGGG LMAOOOO "Enthony"(named by papa rug) said Brandon is so stupid about the wallet but he went inside the room to get the keys and didnt see the wallet lmaoooooo

    IG,BL._LOKOIG,BL._LOKO3 oy oldin
  • And ur all heart broken ass

    7Random Vlogger7Random Vlogger3 oy oldin
  • The best Spar ever

    Tracy HardyTracy Hardy3 oy oldin
  • Everybody like this video so he can dye his hair!!!

    Louie JadaLouie Jada3 oy oldin
  • Can we get the same amount of likes and reply’s

    SfarcaSfarca3 oy oldin
    • 1

      SfarcaSfarca3 oy oldin
  • why does it say i cheated on him is he gay?

    Shxft xShxft x3 oy oldin
  • I thought Brandon was gay because of the title

    flight's hairlineflight's hairline3 oy oldin
  • Brandon was dying inside while trusting Justin to cut his hair 😅

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia3 oy oldin
  • Clint is awesome. 😄

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia3 oy oldin
  • Loving the content 🤩👍

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton3 oy oldin
  • He! Gay

    Abdallah El-MaamryAbdallah El-Maamry3 oy oldin
  • When he says how do you lose your wallet then me “👁👄👁” cuz I lost mines

  • ... 2-3 months haircut for me ...

    Frankii s.Frankii s.3 oy oldin
  • These videos are so entertaining even though they have absolutely no huge planning or anything. Brandon & his fam are just so funny doing absolutely nothing lol

    Hillary BustamanteHillary Bustamante3 oy oldin

    Antonio Prado-MendezAntonio Prado-Mendez3 oy oldin
  • Then make a basketball channel

    WP NationWP Nation3 oy oldin
  • I’m being serious I got no ads

    Iman deee birdIman deee bird3 oy oldin
  • when brandon puts an ad 😭 (jks jks)

    safasafa3 oy oldin
  • i love watching hiarcut videos too

    summer maysummer may3 oy oldin
  • So is it ok to cheat on your girl because she go on vacation and I can’t wait 2 days?

    Erik NunezErik Nunez3 oy oldin
  • Brawadis would make a good dad

    Deea AndrewDeea Andrew3 oy oldin
  • Bro worst haircut ever

    Ryan ArodRyan Arod3 oy oldin
  • Who has the best edits: Noah or Clint Me: I say both

    Yovani MunozYovani Munoz3 oy oldin
  • bruh i get a hair but every 2 months

    Lynda LukeLynda Luke3 oy oldin
  • Brandon: doesn’t get a hair cut for a week and makes fun of Anthony for not getting his cut for 2 weeks Me: hasn’t gotten a hair cut for 4 months

    Emma What’s-her-faceEmma What’s-her-face3 oy oldin
  • brandons hairline said "mmm"

  • Brawadis' front screen is so funny. The picture of NOAH!! Haha 👇

    Anliya JosephAnliya Joseph3 oy oldin
  • 5:49 wtf was that anthony?😂

    willsmokinmfs_ytwillsmokinmfs_yt3 oy oldin
  • Brandon: i get a haircut every 5 days Me knowing I haven’t had a haircut the whole year: 👁👄👁

    Denisse EspinozaDenisse Espinoza3 oy oldin

    Comboid YtComboid Yt3 oy oldin
  • Anthony: 2 weeks without a haircut Brandon: Gags Me: Haven't got a haircut in my life Brandon: Literal barfs everywhere

    ScottieMCScottieMC3 oy oldin
  • Where’s Jackie

    Peso 2NastyPeso 2Nasty3 oy oldin
  • I love watching the video with no adds 😂 what’s going on

    Kevin Hernandez TalamantesKevin Hernandez Talamantes3 oy oldin
  • Me not having a hair cut for 3 years

    Itz_me_rubyItz_me_ruby3 oy oldin
  • I have literally watched your videos for 24 hours bro

    Skario NBASkario NBA3 oy oldin
  • Ask out jackie

    Maybel VenturaMaybel Ventura3 oy oldin
  • I am not gonna like couse hi is so cool

    Hilmar HrafnkelssonHilmar Hrafnkelsson3 oy oldin
  • no ads?

    M_know11M_know113 oy oldin
  • When r u dying your hair half purple and half orange!!

    Sireth Pillay BulatmanSireth Pillay Bulatman3 oy oldin
  • Look at Clint in this video and then look at him and his birthday video

    Lilia CoronaLilia Corona3 oy oldin
  • Hey guys was hoping you guys can help me reach my goal of 300 subs. Let's Help out each others small channels out.

    VvelquezVvelquez3 oy oldin
  • Brandon had a barber entanglement. 😂😭

    Klumsy SteveKlumsy Steve3 oy oldin
  • Brawadis: imagine going 2 weeks without cutting your hair Me: cuts my hair every 3 or 4 months

    Coen MaquarrieCoen Maquarrie3 oy oldin
  • True.stop basketball

  • 7 days getting a haircut. I get a haircut once every 3 months 😂

    Crunchy AppetizerCrunchy Appetizer3 oy oldin
  • bruh dat hair cut took 4 hours bih

    Bryce connallyBryce connally3 oy oldin
  • Brandon needa stfu

    Albert JohnAlbert John3 oy oldin
  • i love these type of vlogs !

    alowalow3 oy oldin
  • Who else thinks Brandon's haircut ain't that good

    Rayford AdamRayford Adam3 oy oldin
  • Looks like Brandon has to die his hair purple and orange

    Rayford AdamRayford Adam3 oy oldin
  • We miss the basketball content

    Rayford AdamRayford Adam3 oy oldin
  • It’s not the same as it used to be I still love him but it’s just to much cutting stuff out it’s not original like it used to be

    Nasty_alperenNasty_alperen3 oy oldin
  • We just got click baited soo hard

    Matt DavisMatt Davis3 oy oldin
  • you should workout and start POSTING ABOUT BASKETBALL

    wTRY FuriouswTRY Furious3 oy oldin
  • Dam hella clean cut !!!

    Jason RodriguezJason Rodriguez3 oy oldin
  • Always upload the basketball videos Basketball brandon is the best brandon

    Andrew GolinskiAndrew Golinski3 oy oldin
  • Bro I go 1 month without a haircut

    Damian MagosDamian Magos3 oy oldin
  • Keep doing vlogs

    Dagoberto MonteroDagoberto Montero3 oy oldin
  • He took the hole day to cut your hair

    Brian NunezBrian Nunez3 oy oldin
  • More like they hate the suns basketball content😂😂😂. Anthony never pays anything😂😂😂.

    KRQ11KRQ113 oy oldin
  • Brawadis what song did u use for the end of your old videos

    Pavitr KunadiaPavitr Kunadia3 oy oldin
  • I usually get my haircut every 3 weeks to a month

    Dominic TufiDominic Tufi3 oy oldin
  • Brandon content trash now 😐

    nigga toothpastenigga toothpaste3 oy oldin
  • U really think imma watch 16 minutes of him getting a haircut and Anthony finding his wallet then U are right

    Mohd. HussainMohd. Hussain3 oy oldin
  • You don’t need to get your hair cut that often that’s bad for your hair

    Kendyl KahlKendyl Kahl3 oy oldin
  • I now know what the title means now that I watched the video he cheated on his barbor with another barbor.

    Johan RuedaJohan Rueda3 oy oldin
  • WE NEEDS 400K LIKES. 7:33

    ZenoZeno3 oy oldin
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  • your gay you said him meant her

    Ywithshawn 14Ywithshawn 143 oy oldin
  • Your vids were better with Anthony instead of Clint

    Colton WilburnColton Wilburn3 oy oldin
  • Im sorry but wtf bro what's the tittle name bro you scammed us

    Patriks BernānsPatriks Bernāns3 oy oldin
  • I watch people getting there haircuts aswell I don’t know why it’s so satisfying 😂😂🤘🏽

    GreenOffHezoGreenOffHezo3 oy oldin
  • U clickbaiter

    TheRealChungusTheRealChungus3 oy oldin
  • Fuccn Anthony couldn't pay

    El CatanEl Catan3 oy oldin
  • Not bad at all

    Ozzy SanchezOzzy Sanchez3 oy oldin

    JayfishyJayfishy3 oy oldin

    JayfishyJayfishy3 oy oldin
  • Anthony is thicc

    DRIZXY FNDRIZXY FN3 oy oldin
  • Like these type of vlogs nun crazy. Jus checkin in on tha ppl who entertain us

    Eli RodriguezEli Rodriguez3 oy oldin
  • I love your vlogs

    joe varozjoe varoz3 oy oldin
  • I go 5 months without a haircut at a time

    Victor QuinteroVictor Quintero3 oy oldin
  • Y would u trust a barber that doesn’t even have a suitcase

    neymar jubelneymar jubel3 oy oldin
  • I don’t get the ads cause I have yt premium

    GRaf youngcalifah2GRaf youngcalifah23 oy oldin
  • Bro I get a haircut like once a month

    Lane VostadLane Vostad3 oy oldin
  • I love every content you post except challenges because tbh they bore me but I’ll still watch them just cause your brawadis 🤷‍♂️

    Prime GosuPrime Gosu3 oy oldin
  • why do you get a haircut every 6 days

    Erlin PerezErlin Perez3 oy oldin
  • tell p i need a cut

    angelangel3 oy oldin