my house got broken into.

5-Noy, 2020
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  • He do not have to go through this this is just crazy

    Chris &StephenChris &Stephen5 soat oldin
  • I hope y'all stay safe.

    Shell PorterfieldShell Porterfield17 soat oldin
  • U guys are so nice

    Mini MarkoseMini MarkoseKun oldin
  • why did the cop check his DNA

    Khadija BhattiKhadija BhattiKun oldin
  • I LITERALLY LOVE ANTHONY “you want a gofundme?!”😭😭😭😂😂

    baybeegirlb_baybeegirlb_Kun oldin

    baybeegirlb_baybeegirlb_Kun oldin
  • Who’s after he his got broke into again

    One SpotOne Spot2 kun oldin
  • Clint is one of the nicest person in the world and he does not deserves this.

    Abiel XumAbiel Xum2 kun oldin
  • Now who wants an update of this incident 🤔 reply down. 👇

    Swamy SamarthaSwamy Samartha2 kun oldin
  • Look at Brandon man so Insprational

    Sidney StillwellSidney Stillwell5 kun oldin
  • 😔😓😔😔😓😓🤭🤭🤭🙀🥺🥺🥺🥺

    VexakyVexaky5 kun oldin
  • clint the goat just stay up brother god bless

    Gamerlife 233Gamerlife 2337 kun oldin
  • Clint trying to have a moment at 11:45 and Anthony just tells him to stfu had me dead lol

    Ghost ModeGhost Mode7 kun oldin
  • yeah yeah poor clint but imagine having a friend/cousin like brawadis he literally replaced all the expensive stuff 🥺

    Yvette De LunaYvette De Luna7 kun oldin
  • i wont stop commenting until nour herself replies, i have had the biggest crush on her for so long and i would be happy of she replays🥺

    Retro ChanRetro Chan8 kun oldin
    • @jontron911 you know your dads a simp for your mom and your grandpa is a simp for your grandma because that’s how it is if you like someone

      Retro ChanRetro ChanKun oldin
    • Simp

      jontron911jontron911Kun oldin
  • So have they moved out???

    william ferrellwilliam ferrell8 kun oldin
  • GUYS u littery put happy music after he just WAS SAD WHATS WRONG WITH U PPL

    Dana HarutyunyanDana Harutyunyan9 kun oldin

    Dana HarutyunyanDana Harutyunyan9 kun oldin
    • *dennys

      Dana HarutyunyanDana Harutyunyan9 kun oldin
  • I love you so much Clint I hope you get through this I know how it feel

    Azaria SoCoolAzaria SoCool9 kun oldin
  • Jackie was gold digging in Clint’s car

    Hank HillHank Hill10 kun oldin
  • Brandon on cloud 9

    Kolby wheelerKolby wheeler10 kun oldin
  • Yeah that really sucks but don't leave valuable things in your car.. especially if your house is well known. That is so dumb.

    Rachel GRachel G10 kun oldin
  • Anyone else start smiling when he got his new camera? 🥲

    Angel ValenzuelaAngel Valenzuela11 kun oldin
  • the lady who laughed 🤣🤣

    Itzz SophiaItzz Sophia11 kun oldin
  • tell me his sd card wasn’t in there cause man

    Itzz SophiaItzz Sophia11 kun oldin
  • Damn

    vtonavtona11 kun oldin
  • YO RUG PLZ PEEP YOUR DM ON IG MY @ is @isaac_chavez7

    Chavez 7Chavez 711 kun oldin
  • YO RUG PLZ PEEP YOUR DM ON IG MY @ is @isaac_chavez7

    Chavez 7Chavez 711 kun oldin
  • YO RUG PLZ PEEP YOUR DM ON IG MY @ is @isaac_chavez7

    Chavez 7Chavez 711 kun oldin
  • casting couch w the r6 LMAOO

    Nick NeyraNick Neyra11 kun oldin
  • yo weth no berd he looking like a bum

    Anthony LeonAnthony Leon11 kun oldin
  • sorry bro about ur stuff:(

    George DiadesGeorge Diades12 kun oldin
  • This is so emotional Clint deserves what he gets

    Samir MatlubSamir Matlub12 kun oldin
  • It's fkd seeing Clint sad because he's always smiling and making jokes.

    Rich LionRich Lion12 kun oldin
  • WHY CLINT!!! 😢😭 I'm happy to see him happy 🥲

    Rich LionRich Lion12 kun oldin
  • Good job guys that family to it’s best

    Yaboyjo3Yaboyjo313 kun oldin
  • 13:10 "and having pizza that taste good" LMFAO

    Morgan BaghanaMorgan Baghana13 kun oldin
  • He making it seem like he lost alot💀 dude is rich

    Carlos LopezCarlos Lopez13 kun oldin
  • “He probably had to make so many complaints to get that 20%” 🤣🤣🤣love y’all .

    marlin sanchezmarlin sanchez13 kun oldin
  • You know he had to put all the ads in the vid to pay for the camera 💀

    Killing _ShadowZzKilling _ShadowZz13 kun oldin
  • lots of love

    Awoken DreamsAwoken Dreams13 kun oldin
  • Seems fake

    Luis TomasLuis Tomas13 kun oldin
  • that’s so nice of you brandon🥺💙

    Aleena HamidAleena Hamid13 kun oldin
  • Y

    DNG ThrillzツDNG Thrillzツ13 kun oldin
  • You’re a good person man! I appreciate people like you!

    Mike MatterMike Matter13 kun oldin
  • Bruh idk how people could dislike this video like wtf

    Jesus MonroyJesus Monroy13 kun oldin
  • Who ever did this to Clint karma is coming for you

    Maxest 123Maxest 12313 kun oldin
  • Whoa...I'm so sorry Clint💔 Brandon please tell Clint if, he has not been informed, by the police or bank already, to also call TransUnion credit bureau ph# 800-916-8800 & report, that your SSN was stolen. Inform representative you want a 1 year free fraud flag added, to your number. You can call back every year, to request another 1 year free flag or you choose to add a 7 year flag at a cost. You are Amazing as always Brandon🥰 I knew from the 1st few minutes you would purchase Clint a new camera❣ LoL..Brandon..Denny's gift card..niceee❤ I would have shared SSN info, to you sooner for Clint but, been busy & I'm now currently playing catch up on a missed week of your video's. Godspeed to you ALL💌

    Penny GPenny G13 kun oldin
  • Hydro dip sauce 😂

    Mr TortiseMr Tortise13 kun oldin
  • wow, good job Brandon. Ur soo nice for buying clint a camera and for the guy who stole clints stuff ur done yeo and ur a dumbass for that

    Piyush Nanda gamingPiyush Nanda gaming14 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to help my friends and family out like this some day ❤️

    Official Famous HectorOfficial Famous Hector14 kun oldin
  • Why would someone do that That’s messed up😔😔

    Malachi EmmanuelMalachi Emmanuel14 kun oldin
  • damn

    kudzoskudzos14 kun oldin
  • Sorry clint. Enjoy your new camera.

  • Brawadis need a gun or a security dog

    Terrell EllisTerrell Ellis14 kun oldin
  • fake

    louis vuittonlouis vuitton14 kun oldin
  • fake

    louis vuittonlouis vuitton14 kun oldin
  • big nose 🤢🤢

    louis vuittonlouis vuitton14 kun oldin
  • fake

    louis vuittonlouis vuitton14 kun oldin
  • Why are all ur videos clicbate i am starting to hate u

    HUMAM OMARHUMAM OMAR14 kun oldin
  • When you gave the camera to Clint I cried bc of how happy you made him. All my love to Clint. You're all so amazing and the true definition of family.

    Jamie GillespieJamie Gillespie14 kun oldin
  • man i really feel for clint in this vid. You can see how stressed and bummed out he was. I hope he gets everything secured and safe

    Kevin AntonioKevin Antonio14 kun oldin
  • respect

    nick Pietrowskinick Pietrowski14 kun oldin
  • The acting in this video

    Joskjdjsj HdhsjskJoskjdjsj Hdhsjsk14 kun oldin
  • Wtf need help ?

    Abdulla AlblooshiAbdulla Alblooshi14 kun oldin
  • I know this is a very emotional video and all but can we just take a moment to acknowledge how good Brandon’s but looked in those shorts in the reflection of the mirror 😍😙

    lorena Sanchezlorena Sanchez14 kun oldin
  • Teared up seeing how emotional he got 🥺 he deserves it!

    Dee CampbellDee Campbell14 kun oldin
  • Thx

    Why not BroWhy not Bro14 kun oldin
  • :)

    Why not BroWhy not Bro14 kun oldin
  • 2020 man smh

    MXR_ThymeMXR_Thyme14 kun oldin
    • worst year ever fam! and I Wish i had supporters like you for my UZworld Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

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  • BYE

    Omar Cool kidOmar Cool kid14 kun oldin
  • I am so sorry

    Sochumo TUNGOESochumo TUNGOE14 kun oldin
  • Clint should Deactivate his cards

    Endrik GallegosEndrik Gallegos14 kun oldin
    • yeah thats insaned dude! and I Wish i had supporters like you for my UZworld Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

      Vlogs From The 6Vlogs From The 614 kun oldin
  • I Hope things go better, Clint.

    Boss - The Tech GuyBoss - The Tech Guy14 kun oldin
    • same here !!!! and I Wish i had supporters like you for my UZworld Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

      Vlogs From The 6Vlogs From The 614 kun oldin
  • So sad 😞

    FaZe UmbrellaFaZe Umbrella14 kun oldin
  • Anthony to Brandon:you want a go fund me Me:😭😭😭

    Victor VlogsVictor Vlogs14 kun oldin
  • Is it Nor or Nora

    txudantxudan15 kun oldin
  • was that just me or when the video ended i was happy asf

    Bekir HadzovicBekir Hadzovic15 kun oldin
    • the outcome was really good bro! and I Wish i had supporters like you for my UZworld Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

      Vlogs From The 6Vlogs From The 614 kun oldin
  • Who has their social security card in their vehicle 😂😂😂

    nancy ramireznancy ramirez15 kun oldin
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Luz TorresLuz Torres15 kun oldin
  • You are nice🥳

    Luz TorresLuz Torres15 kun oldin

    Chris NealChris Neal15 kun oldin
  • good luck clint just remember all the brawad squad are going through this with you soooo sad

    luka weeksluka weeks15 kun oldin
  • Who’s the imposter

    Yair Velazquez-SanchezYair Velazquez-Sanchez15 kun oldin
  • This video was so upsetting... Clint didn’t deserve any of this. God bless you Brandon for getting him a new camera. 🙏🏼

    Joseph AyoubJoseph Ayoub15 kun oldin
  • Clint that’s sucks but Brandon got you some good stuff but it not the social card but it’s still good so pls don’t feel down plsssss

    Francisco EspinozaFrancisco Espinoza15 kun oldin
  • It’s the voice crack for me

    Mason NelsonMason Nelson15 kun oldin
    • And the camera and Denny’s gift

      Mason NelsonMason Nelson15 kun oldin
  • Who would even do that like he dosent deserve it

    daily dose of vlogs dailydaily dose of vlogs daily15 kun oldin
  • This actually sucks this happened to my friend uncle and got his car stolen it happened to him twice already

    *SilEnCeR* **SilEnCeR* *15 kun oldin
  • OMG I’m soo happy that Clint that Brandon got that new camera and better cam for Clint. I feel so bad for Clint he is one of the nicest people 🥺🥺❤️ He will get thru this.... WE LOVE U!!!!!!!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️🥰😍😍😍💕😊😊🙂

    Adriana BarretoAdriana Barreto15 kun oldin
  • Clint easy target someone who seen or knows you came up

    Robert GuzmanRobert Guzman15 kun oldin
  • That’s was a piece of shit move telling to Venmo you and the amount you paid like you don’t do that !!! Even if you’re joking it’s wrong

    Kayy Von RoseKayy Von Rose15 kun oldin
  • makes me sad

    LimeislifeLimeislife15 kun oldin
  • Yo it’s at 999 dislikes 999 forever

    Kaden SparksKaden Sparks15 kun oldin
  • Awww I got emotional but hopefully count gets everything back ! and brawadis and Anthony have such a good heart ❤️

    clarisa Oliverosclarisa Oliveros15 kun oldin
  • We love clint prayers they catch the person

    Tara FletcherTara Fletcher15 kun oldin
  • Why did you leave his wallet in is car

    marcel alazzamarcel alazza15 kun oldin
  • You the best bro he is crying bro he wants to bro

    the solder manthe solder man15 kun oldin
  • 11:30 Brandon is meeeeee eating and dancing at the same time 😂💀

    Ashley CanoAshley Cano15 kun oldin
  • fake

    louis vuittonlouis vuitton15 kun oldin